Other projects

Longshore Drift

A lone performer shifts her personal beach, grain by grain. What remains in the body, and what is washed away by the repeating tides of our lives?

In this durational performance I start from a pile of sand at one side of the space. Over a period of 4 hours, I carry one grain at a time to a new location on the other side. Just as no two grains of sand are the same, each repetition of the action is unique.

Second Skin

A day at the beach... A pebble picked up as a souvenir. How much does the memory weigh?

Durational performance. I walk over the beach, picking up stones and placing them in the many pockets of my dress. Gradually the increasing weight alters my movement until I can no longer walk; I move to a crawl, come to a stop and slide out of the dress.

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